SMU Standard Drawings

The following are the Standard Drawings for the City of Cincinnati's Stormwater Management Utility (SMU), which operates as part of MSD. Drawings in the table below are Adobe .pdf files. If needed, you may download Adobe Reader. If you have questions concerning these drawings, please contact Eric Saylor of SMU.

Standard Manhole on Storm Conduits 42" and Under
Standard Casting Grating Manhole Cover
Standard Double Gutter Inlet MH Plan D.G.I.M.H.
Standard Gutter Inlet Plan S.G.I.
Standard Casting Single Gutter Inlet
Standard Double Gutter Inlet Plan D.G.I.
Standard Castings Double Gutter Inlet
Standard Pavement Detail for Single or Double Gutter Inlet
Standard Combination Inlet Plan C.I.
Standard Castings Combination Inlet
Standard Pavement Detail for Combination Inlet
Standard Valley Inlet Plan S.V.I.
Standard Castings Single Valley Inlet
Standard Double Valley Inlet Plan D.V.I.
Standard Casting Double Valley Inlet
Standard Ditch Inlet Plan D.I.
Standard Double Ditch Inlet Plan D.D.I.
Standard Wing Wall Inlet Plan
Typical Headwall
Standard Type "B" Manhole
Standard Manhole on Conduits 48" and Over Type "D"
Standard Combination Inlet M.H. Plan C.I.M.H.
Standard Precast Concrete Manhole Base
Standard Intake Trash Rack
Standard Perforated Underdrain Outside Paved Right-of-Way
Standard Casting for Manholes
Standard Ditch Inlet Manhole Type "B"
Typical Installation of Building Storm Sewer
Typical Trench Drain
Standard Type L Vane Grate
Standard Casting for Manholes in Sidewalk Areas
Standard 8" and Under Connection to SMU Facilities
Standard Wingwall


  • These files are in .pdf format, and may be opened using Adobe Reader.

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