MSD Rules & Regulations

MSD was formed in 1968 as a county sewer district under state law and is governed by a 50-year agreement between the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. The City of Cincinnati is solely responsible for operating and managing MSD. Per the 1968 Agreement, the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners establishes Rules and Regulations for MSD that outline the requirements all users of the system must comply with in order to ensure MSD meets all Federal and State regulations for environmental protection, worker safety and public health.

View the full MSD Rules and Regulations document or individual sections by clicking on the links below. A compendium of all Historical Rules and Regulations, including amendments that have been adopted by the Board of County Commissioners, can be found under Related Links.

Please note... All new and existing discharges to the system shall be subject to these Rules & Regulations. Commercial and industrial customers that discharge sanitary sewerage, industrial wastes, water or other liquids – other than “normal residential strength sewage” – either directly or indirectly to the District may pay a wastewater treatment system surcharge. If you have questions concerning the MSD Pretreatment Program, which regulates such users, please contact MSD's Regulatory Compliance and Safety Division, Industrial Waste Section at (513) 557-7000 or visit Industrial User Resources.

Rate Information: The Board of County Commissioners approves MSD sewer rate changes. For additional nformation, visit Your Sewer Bill.


Article I
Control of Sewers

Article II
Combined Sewers

Article III
Use of Wastewater Treatment System

Article IV
Approval of Plans for Wastewater Treatment Works

Article V
Design of Sanitary Sewers

Article VI
Wastewater Lift Stations

Article VII
Wastewater Treatment Plants

Article VIII
Construction Material

Article IX
Construction Procedure

Article X
Assurance of Completion

Article XI
Building Sewer: Connections and Permits

Article XII
Individual Private Sewage Disposal

Article XIII
Disposal of Holding Tank Wastes

Article XIV

Article XV
Application of the Wastewater Treatment System (WTS) Service Charge

Article XVI
Application of the Wastewater Treatment System (WTS) Surcharge

Article XVII

Article XVIII
Inspection of Construction

Article XIX
Maintenance of the Wastewater Treatment System

Article XX
Powers and Authority

Article XXI

Article XXII
Administrative Enforcement, Practices and Procedures

Article XXIII
Administrative Rules

Article XXIV
Fees, Charges, Penalties, Credits Validity

Article XXV

Article XXVI
Rights Preserved

Article XXVII
Rules and Regulations in Force

Article XXVIII
Full MSD Rules & Regulations

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