Budget Information

Annual Budget and Sewer Rates

MSD needs to balance its budget, just like everyone else. We begin this process every summer and complete it by December for the coming year.

We have two budgets:

  • Operations Budget which includes everyday costs to run MSD like electricity, vehicles, chemicals and personnel. It also includes repayment of debt (principal and interest payments) on bonds and loans used to fund Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects. Our Operations Budget is funded through customer sewer bills.

  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget which includes things like new sewers, upgrades to treatment plants and other assets. The CIP also includes projects mandated under MSD's federal Consent Decree. Our CIP budget is funded through bonds, low-interest loans through the Ohio Water Development Authority and cash.

MSD also proposes increases to sewer rates to meet the financial needs of operating a sewer system. Rate increases are necessary to cover the costs related to our federal Consent Decree to reduce sewer overflows into creeks and rivers.

The Hamilton County Commissioners must approve our annual budgets and rate increase. They host public hearings as part of the approval process, usually in December.

2017 Operating Budget

MSD expects to generate about $288 million in operating revenue during 2017.

Our adopted operating budget for 2017 is $225.3 million. An additional $5.6 million for items such as specialized hydraulic modeling, water quality monitoring, vehicles, and additional staff will be considered for appropriation during 2017. An additional $5.3 million for items such as a new Duke Energy Rider, sludge hauling, and sewer assessment and cleaning is conditionally approved following review of scope, schedule and cost of services.

For more details, please view the Resolution Adopting a 2017 Operating Budget in the Downloads section at right. You can also view our 2017 Operating Budget Request and Fact Sheet.

2017 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget

Our adopted CIP budget for 2017 is $303.7 million, which includes $208.5 million for wet weather projects required by the Consent Decree, $85.2 million for asset management projects, and $10 million in program contingency.

For more details, please view the Resolution Adopting a 2017 CIP Budget in the Downloads section at right. You can also view our 2017 CIP Budget Request and Fact Sheet

2017 Sewer Rate Information

A sewer rate increase for 2017 was not approved.

You can view our Proposed 2017 Sewer Rate Increase Fact Sheet and Revised Draft Rate Study in the Downloads section at right.

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