Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program

Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati are committed to increasing opportunities for small businesses to enhance and grow the Greater Cincinnati economy.

The primary objective of the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program administered by MSD is to promote equal business opportunity for small businesses and ensure non-discrimination in the award and administration of MSD contracts/procurements.

MSD aspires to increase the participation of small businesses in all aspects of MSD contracting, including contracting or subcontracting with SBEs directly or indirectly and through procurement activities.

For more information about MSD's SBE Program and to learn more about MSD's efforts to engage and contract with small businesses, please read the 2020 MSD SBE Spend Report.

Registering with MSD

There are many reasons to register your business with MSD. Businesses that register with MSD will receive notices for upcoming bid opportunities, have access to industry specific training, and increase their visibility and potential to join MSD project teams.

For more information on the benefits of registering with MSD, program qualifications and answers to FAQs, view our Registration Highlights Guide.

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MSD Small Business Enterprise Supplier Diversity Directory

Vendors registered with MSD and certified by public entities whose certification criteria do not exceed MSD’s certification criteria are included in MSD’s Small Business Enterprise Supplier Diversity Directory.

For the purpose of MSD’s SBE Program, all vendors registered are considered small businesses. It is your responsibility to verify the SBE firm has a current certification. Our system provides a grace period once a certification expires; the SBE firm is not removed from the system until the grace period has expired.

A list of MSD-approved certified small businesses can be found by accessing the City of Cincinnati Vendor Compliance and Certification System (VCCS) Certified Directory. Businesses that hold one of the following small business certification types may be utilized to achieve SBE goals on MSD contracts:

  • Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati Small Business Enterprise (MSD-SBE)
  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
  • Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE)

  • Additionally, many of our registered firms have provided MSD with an overview of their capabilities. View our list of Vendor Capability Statements.

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