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Please see below for a list of upcoming Invitations to Bid (ITB), Requests for Proposal (RFP), and Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for MSD's Watershed Operations division.

Please note the City's Purchasing Division manages all procurement for MSD, including supplies and services, professional services and construction contracts.

Please visit our Contracting Information webpage for contact information, how to register to do business with the City of Cincinnati, and a link to current procurement opportunities.

Approx Release Date
Addl Info
March 2019
Flow Monitoring Support Services
Administrative assistance with processing of flow monitoring data and development of GIS and mapping support tools. Processing or records and updating of FlowFinity files with historic information.
April 2019
Flow Monitor Battery Replacement
Replacement of batteries in flow monitoring equipment not requiring CSE.
April 2019
Support of MSD Hydraulic Modeling
Provide support of MSD's modeling program by providing specialty services and analyses.
May 2019
Wet Weather Operations Optimization Support
Develop and implement optimization strategy and coordinated control logic in support of MSD’s Smart Sewer System.
May 2019
Current Topics in Modeling, Monitoring, and Optimization
Provide seminars on selected topics in modeling, monitoring, and optimization.
May 2019
Watershed SCADA Support
Provide support to MSD’s Watershed SCADA system that monitors and controls the Smart Sewer System.
March 2020
Hydraulic Model Calibration
Submit proposal and costs to calibrate groups of flow monitors to existing conditions.
Neural Network and Automatic Model Implementation
Support for MSD’s Operational Optimization by the development of multilayered non-linear neural networks; support for data analysis and editing tools.

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