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RECR8 ohio river WEBSITE

In addition to its CSO Notification Program, MSD hosts a website called Recr8OhioRiver that provides Ohio River water quality data
(E. coli bacteria counts) and river conditions (temperature, velocity and stage) in the Greater Cincinnati area.

The website predicts (using a mathematical model) E. coli counts in the Ohio River every six hours, based on daily weather forecasts.

The information helps recreational users who boat, fish, swim, etc. in the Ohio make informed decisions about when and where to recreate on any given day, especially after rainstorms when CSOs can occur.

MSD sponsors a CSO notification program to alert Hamilton County residents when existing or predicted weather conditions are likely to cause combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into local streams and rivers.

A CSO is a discharge of untreated sewage and stormwater from a combined sewer into the environment. CSOs typically occur when combined sewers fill up with too much water for the system to handle, most often during heavy rains, and the excess water is released into a stream or river. Power failures and pipe blockages also can cause CSOs during dry weather.

To protect your health, MSD recommends avoiding contact with water near a CSO discharge location, particularly after rainstorms, for up to 72 hours. This includes activities such as boating, wading, fishing and swimming. Signs are posted at each CSO discharge location along the Mill Creek, Little Miami, Muddy Creek and Ohio River and tributaries.

MSD is making much-needed improvements to the sewer system to reduce and control these overflows. Visit the Project Groundwork website for more information.

Under the notification program, MSD issues a CSO advisory when a rainfall of .25 inches or more is predicted or recorded for Hamilton County, or when water levels in area rivers and streams are elevated and could cause a CSO to occur. Advisories will remain in place for 72 hours after a rainfall and 72 hours after water levels in area waterways have returned to normal.

There are two ways to receive a CSO Notification:

Receiving CSO Notifications

By phone: Call the CSO Information Line at (513) 244-5116 to listen to the latest notification.

By email: You can receive CSO Advisories in your inbox by subscribing to the CSO Public Notification mailing list. Subscriptions are free and are easy to setup, just click the Sign Up button below and enter in your name and email:


Sign Up Now

Once submitted you will receive a confirmation email for your subscription. If you have any questions about this system, please contact the msdgc.org Webmaster.

Please Note: If you were subscribed to the CSO Notification list prior to May 13, 2015, we ask that you please subscribe again. Thank you!

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